Swedish Massage


Best for general relaxation and a good way to destress. This method uses long, gliding movement, and steady pressure. No specific work.

30 minutes for $45 

60 minutes for $65

90 minutes for $95



Therapeutic Massage


Similar to the Swedish Massage, but involves specific work and deeper pressure. This will be tailored to your specific needs and involves a variety of techniques.**

30 minutes for $45

60 minutes for $75

90 minutes $110


Deep Tissue


Firm pressure and if needed some stretching. This is best for athletes and pain relief. Please note this is more intense than the Therapeutic Massage and not recommended if this is your first massage.**

30 minutes $45

60 minutes $85

90 minutes $120


** Hot and cold packs may be used if needed or by request**


Hot Stone


A very relaxing experience that’s perfect for stiff muscles and someone who wants effective work without deep pressure. Stones are heated and use to massage the body. Mostly general relaxation with a little specific work if needed.

60 minutes for $90

90 minutes for $115


All massages include heated towels, and if requested, aromatherapy.