First blog post and what to do with a career path

I’ve never been much of a writer, and I never considered blogging until recently. With more and more people encouraging it, telling me that it help my business out I decided to take a stab at it.

Speaking stabs and things that can hurt like writing a blog, I’m in the business of pain. Actually more like pain management. And no I don’t prescribe pain pills, do surgery referrals, or do chiropractic. I’m just a massage therapist. I can’t cure you but I can definitely make you feel better.

While I do intend on writing more articles on pain management I won’t be including that in today’s topic, but instead talking about my career path. And hopefully this is more than just me talking about my story and it’ll maybe inspire you to take up a new career that you’ll love.

It’s 2006 and I’m in my second year at a beauty program at the county vocational school. I’m about 17, working after school daily at a salon in Newport, RI wondering what I’m going to do with myself after I graduate. Yes I know it’s a #millennialproblem but hey it was a very real one considering that 2008 was waiting around the corner to give me (and you) an economical back hand. One thing that my teachers were awesome at was getting guess speakers to come in and talk to us. We got to meet local salon and spa owners, a makeup artist who did Special Effects makeup (Saw being one of them), and also a massage therapist. I remember the LMT (licensed massage therapist) telling us about her job, what it entailed and how she felt about it. Something about it clicked for me.

When I graduated high school and got my beauty license I tried to work in in skin care for a while. When the giant back hand know as the “recession” came in 2008 skin care wasn’t sustainable anymore. At least not for a new graduate looking to build her clientele. From there I tried doing hair, which I will devote a whole post as to why I got out of it, and eventually into retail. For those of you who want to say “well why didn’t you take out a student loan and go to school sooner”. Well….how about you ask some folks who took out student loans in the last ten years and see how they feel about what they call crippling debt.

I was 24 when I went back to school. I went full time during the day and worked almost every night at a coal mine that people shopped at called Target. It was a really hard experience but it was completely worth it. I’m incredibly happy with what I do for a living. I help people feel better, and I’m happy when I my clients tell me that they’re experiencing good and some times long term results. The path to find a job that I love was really hard but I honestly wouldn’t change a thing because without that experience I wouldn’t be here.

If you’re at a job that makes you feel like your soul is dying, know that it doesn’t have to be forever. You’re never too old to try something new. A good career is one that you enjoy, but also still leaves you with enough time and energy for you to take care of yourself spiritually,emotionally, and physically.

Thanks for joining me at my first blog post! See you later.